"The botanical name for the Wild Soy Plant, Glycine Soja sieb.&Zucc."


Made from natural Soy wax which is carefully extracted from soybeans. Biodegradable & pesticide free our silky white wax will go through intense testing, blending & burning to produce our beautiful candles.



Natural and renewable 

Vegetable wax 

Comply with FDA standards

Are Kosher certified

Contain no animal products, no palm wax

No petroleum, paraffin or beeswax

No pesticides or herbicides

No toxic materials

Burns clean & produces less soot  



 Made from 100% natural fibres our wicks have specially constructed braiding to strive for optimal burn & wick posture 



Our Australian made fragrant botanic oils are a high quality blend, with essential oils.  We take care to select & combine the exact amount of oil with our molten wax before pouring & curing



All of our fragrant botanic oils are manufactured in Australia

None of our oils are tested on animals

Our fragrant botanic oils comply with the strictest global RIFM and IFRA standards & undergo a triple-check quality assurance program

We test our products to ensure quality and scent throw

Using premium grade; not the diluted, cheap grades sold by many companies

Our oils are created, tested and manufacture in Australia. No other candle supply company in Australia is able to do this which means you get the freshest products