Refund & Returns Policy

Retail Customers

Products can be returned if the information supplied on our website is incorrect, which is extremely rare as we take enormous care and triple check all details we provide.
We have the right to either refund, exchange or refund your purchase depending upon circumstances.
A product cannot be returned if:
1. You misread the product specifications on our website.
2. You made incorrect assumptions about the product (including size, installation, illumination and electrical configurations).
3. You changed your mind (including disapproval of colour or size).
4. It is bulk discounted.

The colour shown on your computer screen may differ slightly from the real life colour. This is entirely normal and is not a valid reason for return.

To initiate a return claim please contact us via email to let us know of the issue. Once we confirm that a return or exchange should occur, you will be sent instructions as to the return process. Please do not send the item back without

All warranty claims must be returned to Keen Office Furniture or our designated warehouse at the expense of the customer.

Goods ordered by the client in error can in some cases be returned but this will attract a restocking fee. The fee is dependant on our suppliers costs and can be negotiated at the time. Unfortunately we cannot return any custom made items.